Thursday, December 31, 2009

Levi's 515 SHORT, How I Love Thee!

You are my favorite jeans I have ever owned. With your dark wash and perfect length, you help me to feel beautiful. You hug in the right places and hang in the right places and show off my improved physical fitness. With you, I am the perfect height. With you, I am just the right size in all the right places. No more soggy pant-legs when it rains outside. No more pulling, adjusting, and wishing I had a belt. My only wish is that I had more pairs of jeans exactly like you so I never have to go a day without my Levi's 515 SHORT.

Renewed Lover of Jeans

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oregonians and Talk of Snow

Oregonians are really funny about snow. If there is even a hint of a chance of snow, everybody becomes obsessed with the weather. Each person takes every opportunity to tell their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers in passing about the most recent temperatures and expected snow. This began about a week ago when the weather started dipping into the thirties. People proclaimed that a snow day was on its way. Next thing you know, someone has topped that prediction with one of their own and they claim there will be several days of snow. It is a week later and still there is no snow. Of course, the temperatures are low enough and the clouds have moved in. Yet no precipitation! Yesterday all anybody could talk about was event cancellations, getting traction for their cars, purchasing extra water and groceries in case of power outages, and avoiding the roads during the coming storm.
Well, this storm was supposed to arrive at about midnight last night and leave the roads covered in ice and snow this morning. It's quite a shock; Eric and I arrived at the office this morning, as expected, without sighting a single patch of ice on the roads! No troubles with traction, no snow in sight. Someday all our Oregonian hopes will come true and the forecasters will be right. Oh wait... that was last year.