Monday, May 25, 2009

Pacific City

Today Eric and I did a favor for my mom and drove out to Pacific City where she has several listings in a new development. We had 150 brochures, what seemed to be a lot of time, and a ton of fun! At first we were both concerned about putting the brochures on people's cars because we both dislike having things put on our cars, but that is what we were sent to do. (But we were only supposed to put them on the nice cars... no "hippie haulers" or teenage beater cars.) So we canvased the parking lot at Cape Kiwanda at 10am and again at 10:30. We drove around town and passed through the development just to look around. Then we got lunch at the Pelican Pub and Brewery--we split a delicious hawaiian calzone. Then we canvased the lot again and ran out of brochures! We decided to hike the 500 foot dune and at the top we realized there were probably a hundred more cars that we would have put brochures on if we had more. It was a great view from the top! Then we treated ourselves to some amazing Tillamook ice cream and drove home. I went on a short run and now we are getting ready to have a little barbecue here on our spacious deck. Hooray!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Pictures are soon to come, but today we had our first office barbecue of the sunny season this year! It was a gorgeous day with temperatures a little over 80 degrees and a comfortably cool breeze. We had a great turn-out and look forward to many more parties to come. I think we all got a fair amount of sun... I certainly did! The food was all-American hot dogs and cheeseburgers with sides of chips, fruit, and m&m cookies. Delicious! People brought their families and we were able to meet and get to know them. Eric did all the grilling and I walked the hot food over to the tables we were using. The guys played a lot of basketball and the children played on the play structure. Lots of fun was had by all, and this is just the beginning!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trying something new

When I was little I remember my family having a garden and I loved eating fresh veggies from it. Letia had a garden of her own for a while, and that was nice too. I've helped with gardens but never had one of my own, so I'm starting small with just two potted tomato plants on my back deck. One is a cherry tomato plant and the other I'm not really sure.... the tag says Fantastic medium early tomato. For those who know more about tomatoes than I do, the tag also calls it a hybrid F1 or something. I tried to look it up online and it appears to be a pretty good one. Anyway, it's fun to try this out. Nothing beats sweet, juicy home-grown tomatoes in the summer!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Good news, everyone! CREED is getting back together and touring this summer! I know you ALL were hoping it would be so!!! Needless to say, Eric is pretty excited and considering how to fit it into his summer plans. When he told me about it, I flashed back to when we first started dating. Those were good times. :D

And sorry if you thought I might have important news. :P


Sometimes I get in these moods where I just crave all kinds of delicious goodies like brownies, cookies, ice cream, fudge, carmel corn, pie, cake, hot chocolate, chocolate fondue,..... things like that. What's really dangerous for me is when I'm in one of these moods and I have a few of those items available to me here at home. Like right now I have brownies, ice cream, AND cookies in the house. Yikes! Help me resist. It kinda helps to tell myself I'll have to run extra to make up for it. Sometimes--most of the time--it's totally worth it though. Weight loss is so complicated.

(And yes, these are a few pictures from my computer of goodies I made in the past... including pumpkin cupcakes, marshmallow ghosts, oreo spiders, and peanut butter eyeballs for Halloween 2 years ago. The birthday cake was for Traci's birthday 3 years ago.)