Friday, September 12, 2008

Life of a tenant

As the year has gone by, our landlady upstairs has gotten progressively louder. It got to the point that we were looking for a new place at the beginning of September--although we certainly had other reasons for wanting to move (a change, move up to ground level, finding something we just like more). So we found a great duplex around the corner and were approved. We told the management company that we would be able to move in October 1st, but we couldn't tell if they thought that was too late or not. Still, we gave our 30-days notice to our landlady and were prepared to pay our deposit for the new place. Somehow, we have been unable to reach the management company to actually give them the deposit and when I walked over there today the FOR RENT sign was gone. Plus our landlady seems all too happy to get rid of us, asking us to move out sooner with no return of any of our rent (which we were unwilling to do, so that is why we are staying the rest of the month here). Strange. She's already listed the place on Craigslist for a hundred dollars cheaper than we currently pay. Very strange. Oh, and did I mention that we suspect she showed the apartment while we were out of town without telling us? So now I'm worried that the duplex is taken already and we've offended our landlady to the point that it would be even worse to stay here on top of the fact that we don't want to be here any more.

Now that all sounds like a headache, but it's probably just my mind getting away from me. Too much free time today? Perhaps. Eric is calling the management company right now and he's pretty confident that they took the sign down because we will be moving into it in 2 weeks. I hope that's the case. Somehow things always work out for us, though, so I'm not sure why I even let myself get so carried away. It could just be that I'm really excited for this duplex. Not only is it in our ward boundaries (even in the same neighborhood within walking distance of the library) and at ground level, but we will have hardly any neighbor noise because the two units are separated by the garages and laundry rooms (our own laundry being another bonus), it has a bathtub that I have been missing in this apartment for the past year, and it has a huge deck in the back! I really want it. Could you tell? AND with any luck we'll be buying a house the next time we move. Then it will be a happy parting from the life of tenancy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A busy mind?

It should probably be a requirement that I catch up on my journaling before I play around on my blog, but I haven't gotten to that and I'm already on the computer.

This past week has been a whirlwind and I'm relieved for the slow pace that I'm expecting for tomorrow--just a couple of errands and a lot of free time. (I ought to go running, too.)

Just some ideas. Too many left unwritten. Maybe I'll journal and blog tomorrow. We shall wait and see.